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Who We Are

Jamaica Shores Adventures is uniquely designed to customize your vacation according to your reason or purpose for travel. We aspire to take all the hassle, anxiety and pressure of planning a dream vacation. Our Travel Agents are Jamaicans who have a wealth of knowledge about the island and all it takes to enjoy your vacation. We know the island well and we want to welcome you to our precious shores.

Our Travel Agents will turn your dream vacation into an experience of a lifetime. Come and enjoy our tropical climate. Tour and explore Jamaica like never before. Taste our delicious cuisine and experience our culture.  

Why Choose Us

The Best Activities

Our offerings demonstrates the adventurous and laid-back lifestyle that you'll love to experience.​

24/7 Customer Support​

We are available via phone, WhatsApp and email 24/7. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime. ​

No Hidden Fees​

No hidden costs! Our prices are self explanatory. Be it all-inclusive, transport only or airport transfer.​​

Free Cancellation

If you need to cancel or reschedule, provide at least 24 hours notice for a full refund of the amount paid.​

Our Island Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean. It is the land of wood and water. The island has several mountains and rivers, which makes it an awesome place to visit. The mountains in Jamaica creates the most amazing scenic views. Imagine the trails that lead to the top of these mountains. The mountains supply amazing waterfalls and support our rivers. Climbing our mountains makes great exercise and provides a spiritual awakening.

Jamaica Attractions

Jamaica has several different attractions to ensure that our bodies and minds are stimulated with fun and excitement. These activities are sometimes incorporated with nature or animals.

One minute you could be horseback riding on land or in the water and the next, you could be getting the silkiest kiss from an adorable dolphin. We provide adventures to have you view the sunset from the top of a mountain or from the shores where the evening sun cuddles the sea in the most beautiful way.

Jamaica's History

We have some historical sites on the island, which will inform you about our rich history, giving you an understanding of how we became the warm, loving and friendly people that we are. We are a people who are from a melting pot of races and cultures, thus our motto “Out of many, One People.”

There are places on the island, which were formed from historic events. For instance, Port Royal’s Giddy House, which is a result of a 1906 earthquake, which destroyed the city. This makes a great tour. We also have Fern Gully; home of over 540 different species of ferns that was originally a riverbed. The same earthquake destroyed it in 1906 and now it is paved to accommodate the Fern Gully Highway allowing access to traverse from neighboring communities to Ocho Rios and to view the ferns while driving through. Our tour operators will make several stops along the way to ensue you get a closer view of the ferns.

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